Private Yoga Lessons



SELF MASTERY PROGRAM (Private yoga lessons)

Discover and develop your leadership potential and put it into action!

  • Private lessons can be booked at a time that fits conveniently with your schedule.
  • Focused attention is placed on the detailed development of your practice, whether you are new to yoga or experienced.
  • I will design a specific practice to accommodate any injuries, health concerns, or other limitations you may have.
  • I will professionally support you in achieving any specific goals you set for yourself; whether physical, emotional, or mental.

In this Self Mastery Program, you will learn a customised sequence of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation.


ASANA – Physical movement to suit your body and level of experience.

The stretching of the muscles will target and release tension that has accumulated usually by stress, prolonged periods of sitting or repetitive movement, injury, anxiety, regular travel, etc.

With accurate positioning, the postures will enhance mobility in all the joints, eradicate back pain, and realign the physical structure so that prana (vital energy) can flow throughout the body with ease.

With eighteen years of experience teaching one on one yoga, I will ensure that you receive an outstanding quality and value of instruction, while you perform each pose. I will also provide insight, and expert adjustment to facilitate progress in distressed parts of your body.

PRANAYAMA – Mastery of breathing fully and deeply.

Our organs, including the lungs and other complex structures of the body, when not regularly exercised, gradually atrophy and then fail to function correctly. Lack of internal exercise that is normally brought about by the action of correct breathing can eventually lead to inflammation and illness in your vital organs.

The first and most important aspect of yoga is the breath. The second is stability. Flexibility is something that will naturally occur to everyone in his or her own time; it is a side-effect, therefore needs little attention in the approach to your practice.

Ujjayi breath is the breathing technique performed during asana. Because of this, it is one of the most difficult breathing methods for people to master. I will frequently guide you to master this deep breathing technique.

You will also learn a range of other breathing techniques that you can take with you to practice on your own, it will encourage self sufficiency and enable you to have a more proactive and empowered position concerning your wellness. The suite of pranayama techniques will detoxify and invigorate your body, quell inflammation and increase clarity in your mind.

With diligent practice, you will discover that your natural breath is no longer shallow – but wholesome and deep.

MEDITATION – Awakening the higher regions of your mind.

Psychologists often disagree in their concepts regarding the nature of the WILL; none deny its existence, nor question its power. Everyone recognises the power of strong will – we all see how it may be used to overcome the greatest challenges. But few realise that willpower may be developed and strengthened by intelligent practice.

I will equip you with uplifting meditation techniques to help you access your abundant supply of willpower, which is located in the higher regions of the mind, awaiting your use.

The program of 10 private lessons is crafted exclusively to develop your existing leadership qualities through on-going, intelligent practice for the development of your physical and mental power. No matter how much knowledge and experience you have, all leaders have the potential to up-skill themselves, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Altogether, the skills you will learn will affect more than just your personal development: without any additional effort, the progressive benefits will naturally overflow into every aspect of your life – and extend to the people around you. Enhancing and refining yourself in this way will also enable you to positively influence and inspire more people from day to day.

The duration of each class is 1 hour.

FULL PROGRAM of 10 private lessons – $1000.00

Single private lesson – $120.00

All classes can be held in my private studio in Melbourne or your home or work place (additional fee of $30 for home or workplace visits).

If you are outside of the City of Melbourne you can access this Program, via video conferencing.

Bookings and inquiries – T: 0408 572 938