It’s not like a regular class, it’s personalised tuition. Yatren teaches you an individual sequence that is tailored to your body and its capacity and you progress as your body adapts. Hands down the best yoga tuition and teacher I know! I have tried so many yoga classes over the years and I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular class again! – Sujata

The yoga raj

I think it worked really well, much better than I had anticipated. I found the process of logging on etc. really easy. I think the online concept works well, particularly as sequence is already learned. It will be interesting to see how it works when learning new stuff etc although seemed to work well when teaching me the vinyasa between boats on Monday. I am always telling people how great your tuition is so will keep doing so and encourage them to join us. – Fiona

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I agree the week was a success; there’s no material difference to offline classes and in fact there’s more guidance and input from you. – Saul

The yoga raj

Yatren, you are so creative, and a powerful motivator. I don’t know how you do it, but I am so glad you do, the world needs more people like yourself to help us raise our vibration and become more aware more informed. Thank you. – Lucy

The Yoga Raj Meditation Workshop Melbourne


Thank you for your great Cultivating Conscious Breath workshop that I attended in Cairns today. I think that you presented the information in an enjoyable way that I could easily follow and relate to. – Diane


I really enjoyed the workshop, I’ve never done a meditation that long before and was very centred and chilled out afterwards. I went and read a book on the grass in the convent gardens for an hour just being grateful in the sun for my happy life. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Let me know when you come back again. You have a wonderful joy about you that is really precious. – Nicole


It was great. Interesting to see how the mind resists and then later appreciates some instructions. You provided a space in which to watch the workings of the mind as well as the breath and body. – Vyvyan


Good morning dearest Yatren! 🙂 WOW !!!  thank you so much for yesterday it was amazing, I am deeply connected to the breath now ! Quite profound, I woke up last night several times and naturally went straight to observing the body breathing deeply, thank you. – Rachelle