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YATREN NADU has eighteen years’ experience, guiding yoga students in the discipline of yoga and meditation. Yatren has worked successfully with yoga students in Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania, India, The Netherlands and Australia, inspiring all with his unique style and approach to teaching and sharing the application of this ancient wisdom in today’s world. Yatren warmly welcomes you to the enlightening experience of living a more skilful life through the practice of yoga and meditation.

A sincere and playful demeanour is Yatren’s approach to his own practice and teaching style. ‘Sincerity with a touch of playfulness inspires sensitivity to the body, it expands the mind, enabling the mind to evolve to the higher regions of consciousness.’

Yatren completed a 3 year, full time yoga apprenticeship at the Yoga Arts Academy, and graduated as a qualified Ghatastha Yoga teacher in August 2003. Yatren trained and worked at the Yoga Arts Academy for 12 years, teaching early morning personal tuition as well as evening open classes.

Yatren Nadu, for The Yoga Raj

I teach personalised yoga, the traditional way, through the modern format of video conferencing in real time.

I provide convenient access to high quality tuition in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and resilience.

By subscription, students attend the classes from the comfort and convenience of their home, office, hotel… wherever in the world they may be.

I contribute to the world by coaching people to achieve their highest potential of physical and mental wellness.

I deliver ongoing leadership development through my globally accessible, high quality, individually tailored yoga and mindfulness school.

 The Yoga Raj

Traditional Hatha and Raja Yoga

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root – YUJH, to join. It is the joining, uniting of the individual soul in the universal consciousness, ending duality and perception of the omnipresent divine. Engaging in this union is yoga. It is not religious, nor is it simply a good physical workout. It is all about complete personal evolution: mind, body and spirit, and develops leadership skills in all who commit to a regular practice.

Asana is ‘the seat’. Interpreting it widely, it means posture or pose. All asana are intended directly or indirectly to sharpen the mind. The practice of asana perfects the human body, purifies it of dross, diseases and defects, and prepares it for the inspiring reception of spiritual strength and self mastery.

Regular practitioners of Traditional Hatha and Raja Yoga at The Yoga Raj observe and enjoy their own leadership development and self mastery. They push their own boundaries daily, continuously setting themselves a higher standard which translates to achievement of greater success in all aspects of their lives.

The yoga raj

The traditionally taught and tailored Yoga sequences at The Yoga Raj flow from one posture to the next. The sequences begin by first calming the mind by focusing on the breath. Attuned with the breath, the asana sequence flows from warm up postures to more dynamic and challenging poses, before the practitioner completes the practice with pranayama a meditation technique.

The yoga raj