About The Yoga Raj

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Traditional Hatha Yoga for Leaders

First, a little terminology! The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root – YUJH, to join. It is the joining, uniting of the individual soul in the universal consciousness, ending duality and perception of the omnipresent divine. Engaging in this union is yoga. It is not religious, nor is it simply a good physical workout. It is all about complete personal evolution: mind, body and spirit, and develops leadership skills in all who commit to a regular practice.

Asana is ‘the seat’. Interpreting it widely, it means posture or pose. All asana are intended directly or indirectly to sharpen the mind. The practice of asana perfects the human body, purifies it of dross, diseases and defects, and prepares it for the inspiring reception of spiritual strength and self mastery.

Traditional Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Raj is a flowing sequence of asana performed as an active meditation, it forms a mastery of the mechanism of the mind and leads to super consciousness. Regular practitioners of Traditional Hatha Yoga at The Yoga Raj observe and enjoy their own leadership development and self mastery. They push their own boundaries daily, continuously setting themselves a higher standard which translates to achievement of greater success in all aspects of their lives.

The traditionally taught and tailored Hatha Yoga sequences at The Yoga Raj flow with ease from one posture to the next. The sequences begin by first calming the mind by focusing on the breath. Attuned with the breath, the asana sequence flows from warm up postures to more dynamic and challenging poses, before the practitioner completes the practice with pranayama and meditation techniques.